Sunday, October 11, 2009

October Update! Halfway There!!!!!!!

Well, needless to say Heather has been so busy the past few months. She has completed more than half of her mission! WOO HOO! We're almost there, baby! I have only heard from her briefly in the past few weeks, but she has sent some pictures that I've been slow posting. I have posted pictures of her visit with her brother, Jared; her P-day trips to Hunter's Point in Queens (the jumping pictures) and Jackson Avenue (the crazy-good spray art work); and lastly, her trip to the Manhattan temple.

Heather seems to be doing well and the work is good! She has been paired up with a new companion as of the last transfer. The new comp is Sister Crandell from Heber, Arizona. Heather says she is a very sweet and gentle soul, so they equal a good pair. I haven't heard much else about the new pair besides that.

Anyway, I just wanted to share these wonderful pics with you all! I hope all is well and will post again soon! -H