Thursday, July 16, 2009

Better late than never...

So, obviously I've been a little behind in posting and A LOT has happened in the mean time. I haven't heard much from Heather in the past two weeks, but I'm reposting some of her dad's posts to catch everyone up (thanks for being on top of it Bill)!

First Thing's First ---- Transferred to Jamaica, New York

Heather and Sister Frod were both transferred. Heather was sent to Jamaica, New York (I guess it's near or in Queens) and her new companion was the same companion she had at the MTC, Sister Fields. Heather says they walk a lot more than they did an Bay Shore, and her feet are KILLING her! Jamaica is very culturally varied; in fact, probably (according to Sister De Paula) the most culturally varied of any of the districts in the New York New York South Mission.

New Companion, Again

Apparently, the night of the July 4th was a dramatic one in Jamaica. Heather was in the ER all night with her companion, Sister Fields. Apparently Fields had had some kind of seizure, and the Mission President decided to send her back home to South Carolina. So Heather got put in a trio companionship with the two Spanish-speaking sisters that are her pad-mates. She did say that the Richmond Hill elders had a bar-b-q on their roof that the district went to, and it was nice to watch the lights of the city and have some fellowship with the others in the district. Heather also said they don't have a car in this district, they use a Metro pass for buses and trains to get around. The next few weeks should be interesting in Queens.

Heather has since been taken out of the trio and received a new companion, Sister Thomas. Heather and Sister Thomas are working hard to catch up after the problem with Sister Fields. Heather says that Sister Thomas is "Awesome!" She was actually a Spanish-speaking missionary who was moved to be with Heather. The only bad part is that she goes home at the next transfer, so Heather will be getting a new companion. Again. Monday was a zone activity day, with soccer, frisbee, and that sort of thing. All the stuff that Heather hates to do; but they have food, so it's worth going to.

Heather has sent me 0 pictures in the last few weeks, so sorry there's not more to post! Hopefully next week.

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