Sunday, August 9, 2009

New (or is it old??) Companion...

Heather sent some new pics of her companion Sister Thomas & her on P-Day when all the missionaries decided to go check out the Brooklyn Bridge. It looks like they were having a great time. But ofcourse, all good things must come to an end. Sister Thomas had completed her mission and went home at transfer time this week. Yet because of not having enough new missionaries at transfer time, there was the need for some sort of musical missionaries, if you will. And Heather has been paired back up with her first companion, Sister Frodsham! They must have done so well the first time that the mission president paired them up again! So, they are still working hard serving in Jamaica.

As for other news, Heather got a visit from her brother this week. Jared was on the East Coast visiting a friend and got to stop in and take Heather and the Frod to lunch. I know Heather has been looking forward to this visit for a long time, and I've heard that everything went well!

Below are some pics of Heather and her last companion, Sister Thomas. I don't know the names of the four male missionaries, but I hope you enjoy. And yes....that woman's fingernails are real. Oh the joys of public transportation. Taxi, please!

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