Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pics at the MTC!

Hey everyone, this is Hollie. I'll be taking over Heather's blog for the next 18 months and posting pictures and letters as they arrive. Here are the first pics from the MTC today. Enjoy!


  1. Note the "DORK " dot on her name tag! Like it or not you get one! We sent Heather a little package yesterday filled with goodies and other silliness!!! We wish her a Safe Jouney!

    Thanks Hollie for keeping us up to date!

  2. Hi! This is Sister de Paula from the NYNY South Mission and Hollie, you may be taking over Heather's blog...but we're "taking over" the now Sister Burton! That's right:-) She "stalked" by blog, as she puts it, and now she's working in the same ward in Bay Shore NY out on Long Island. We adore her! She's adjusted just great and has a darling companion. They get along just great. I won't say any more...the family will get her first letter from NY very soon.

    Hugs from her first area,
    Elder & Sister de Paula